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Word from the desert

[From Mecca pain]

He could not read, nor could he write

But he wrote the Koran, in a cave at night

From Mecca came, for many souls

With words, promises and swords.

He turns to Christ, as inferior to God,

And the promised heaven for all who saw;

Stoned, damned, in a silent war

Mohammad travel changed the world.

# 1377 [07/06/2006]

Note: In search of Mohammad in the desert, he hid in a cave, and the only thing that saved his life was that of a spider question; Therefore the forces that after him, diverted, and the attack did not take place [632 AD Mohammad died]. It all started this new religion called Islam in Mecca, in search of one God. They said that the holy men of Islam: Jews and Christians have equal rights with Muslims, this has of course still be tested. And seems today, it is best to avoid the messengers of Islam Dios, or is of Satan, so one is left thinking that his neighbor is for the rest of his life. If Islam was to be a peaceful religion, they overcame himself made a revere, so I feel, and it is sad. Of what could have been a religion of glorifying God, has proved to be a disgrace not only to heaven but to Earth, with their fingers dirty, killing in the name of Allah, so one can get a free trip to the gates of paradise.

There is always a sting to the truth, I'm not sure why, perhaps we are so full of falsehood have hunger for what is controlling more than what is the will of God, because Dios not pushing his weight around trying to control people, do so; as do the religions. And here we see consumed Islam with only that the nature. Dennis

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