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The Old Testament is the sacred scripture of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Rabbi Jesus Christ is the expected Messiah of Christendom and Islam. (Qur'an 3: 40-43). Yesterday, April 08, 2007, Easter 2007, Pope Benedict XVI said, "brothers and sisters in the faith, who are listening to me from anywhere in the world!" Christ is risen and is alive among us. "Is he who is the hope of a future better."

After winning the Masters yesterday said Zach Johnson, "my Christian faith is very important to me." It was very special to win the Masters golf tournament on Easter Sunday. I am very blessed. I would like to give thanks to God. "I felt Jesus Christ with me at the golf course every step of the way". By caresses putts of Zach down the stretch Jesus has certainly given to Zach Johnson a brighter future. Zach Johnson can now choose the menu of the champions dinner next year. Imagine to be able to tell Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer what to eat in Augusta.

Zach Johnson is named after the biblical Prophet of Christianity, Islam and Judaism prophet Zechariah son of Berechiah gold son of gone. The last time was hot putter Zach Johnson was won when the last three events in 2001 NGA Hooters Tour. The name of the other 7 great champions who played on the NGA Hooters Tour. You need to be a biblical Prophet to bet that Zach Johnson would win the Masters yesterday in 1000 to 1, at the Caesar's Palace. Zach Johnson has come a long way since the Nationwide Tour 2003 Rheem Classic. Chris Couch won the 2005 Rheem classic.

Prophecy is the Mount Sinai Dios aka Jesucristo aka Dios father aka the Holy aka Elohim spirit aka Yehovah aka Alá says the future to a human being. The question is "how God knows the future if it has not happened yet?" Miguel Ángel painted the prophet Zechariah in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, where Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates Easter this week. The Hebrew prophet Zechariah lived in 520 BC during the reign of the King Darius I of Persia (Iran), 16 years after the Jewish people began to return to Israel after their exile in Babylon (Iraq).

The address of the NGA Hooters Tour is 1211 Hwy 17 N North Myrtle Beach South Carolina 29582. 2527 years ago the prophet Zechariah said, "in the night that saw a man on a red horse!" "He was standing among the trees of Myrtle in the glen." (Zech. 1: 8). The rider was with 2 men, one on a white horse and another on a horse sorrel. These were the men that God had sent to patrol the land and the land was at peace. Men and ladies golf excursions are where people from around the world play peacefully together by the same rules.

Zach Johnson is a short hitter but a spectacular putter. Placed 16 times the pair of Augusta's 5 and walked away with 11 birdies. The prophet Zechariah said, "by it cannot, nor by power, but by my spirit, says Jehovah of armies". (Zech. 4: 6). "They looked up and saw a man with a line of action in his hand". (Zech. 2: 1). "I see a lampstand all of gold with a bowl on top of it." (Zech. 4: 2).

After his return, Zach Johnson embraced and kissed his wife holding his son baby Will. The prophet Zechariah said, "then looked up and saw two women from forward." The wind was in their wings; "they had wings like the wings of a stork and lifted up to the basket between the heaven and the Earth." (Zech. 5: 9).

The most precious Prize in golf is the green jacket of the masters. Yesterday defense champion Phil Mickelson anointed and coated to Zach Johnson in his new green jacket in Butler cabin. The prophet Zechariah said, "the high priest Joshua (Hebrew name of Jesus was Joshua) wore dirty clothes as it was before the Angel." The angel said to those who were standing in front of him, 'Remove their dirty clothes'. And he said, ' I have taken their guilt and Sin away from it and you will be dressed in clothes covered...To put a turban on his head clean and him they dressed in clothes covered. And the Angel of the Lord was standing. (Zech. 3: 4-5). After his Masters victory said Zach Johnson, "I felt Jesus Christ with me at the golf course every step of the way".

Karen fish is a writer who lives in Los Angeles California. World peace religions directory

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